About Us

SIDERVI was incorporated in October 2005 with deep roots in the long experience and dedication of its founders: José Vieira da Cunha Alves and Delfim Alves Vieira, brothers who started the business of trading and processing of steel products, for over 50 years .

The company has a deep know-how in the steel market, encompassing the full range of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, even selling other products that serve to complement and enhance its global positioning, such as construction services, cutting and processing materials, and service vehicles.

Sidervi has facilities located in the Industrial Zone “Parque Industrial das Vinhas” in Campo Valongo - Portugal, with 11,000 m2 of which 5,000 m2 are covered area. The pavilions are served by overhead cranes and forklifts. In Pedrouços, Maia – Portugal, Sidervi also has two pavilions with 2,100 m2 deployed on a plot of 3,300 m2, also served by overhead cranes.